About Us

Our Story Starts Now

We plan and pick perfect Guilds for You!

Our dream is to Regreen Our Planet! We do our part by bringing you only the latest and greatest, Native and Exotic plants for your environment. From Edibles to Orchids we have you covered! Find your new favorite food, try a few old favorites, or maybe a dash of a new herb to accent your plate. Browse our Selection Today!

We work alongside others to grow our impact.

 Sometimes we plant Edible Forests through our volunteer initiative, “Growing Green.” Working beside Pro Edifice Solutions to plant and regreen our cities from food deserts to havens of oasis. 

Other times we are adding some green walls to a new business project, cleaning the air and saving water in one move.  Or maybe today we start with You. One plant. For one special Somebody.

pathway, path, pink tulips

Our Company

We began as the effort to source edible forests, in a prepackaged and easy to digest way was difficult. So many plants, so many choices, so many shapes, vines, shrubs and trees, Oh My! 

Let us take a breathe. We got you. Together we can do this. 

To help we bundle each plant into a group with a few others you might like. Almost as if they each had their own family, or “guild.” (And no we didn’t make that up!)

We offer these guilds of plants at a discounted rate, for being awesome and planting them together, who likes to be alone anyways?

Interested? Shop Our Plant Collections!

Find your new favorite Guild! Explore a new plant, or color of fruit! Maybe, just maybe, you will find a new favorite, or a new Memory waiting to blossom just for You!